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Special Exhibit by the Organizers

Connected The present and future of connected industries

The exhibit on the present and future of connected industries introduces current use cases within connected industries that are aiming to create new values by connecting multiple manufacturing sites. The exhibit also forecasts a near future built upon these connected industries.
Use cases are based on topics such as suppliers, factories and distributions within value chains and will be featured in videos and on exhibit panels.

Project support: Industrial Value Chain Initiative

Joint Project by the Three Organizing Industrial Associations

The future envisioned by the three organizing industrial associations

The three organizing industrial associations (JEMA, NECA, JEMIMA) will hold a panel discussion on the topic of “envisioning the future of MONODZUKURI, brought about by electrical machinery, measurement and control, and the possibilities of 5G.”
Panels from each industrial association will present concrete ideas and debate the future outlook of MONODZUKURI, while also discussing the highly anticipated possibilities of 5G with the arrival of the local 5G.

<Panel discussion>

Date and time: November 27 (Wed.) 12:30 – 14:00
Location: Conference Tower 1F, Reception Hall B

<Panel exhibit>

In addition, a panel exhibit will be set up in the Atrium, featuring details of the panel discussion and the latest activities of each industrial association.

Core-, Small- and Medium-Manufacturing IoT Park

The Core-, Small- and Medium-Manufacturing IoT Park will feature use cases that can utilize IoT to achieve greater MONODZUKURI developments in core-, small- and medium-manufacturing, which supports the manufacturing industry in Japan. Eleven companies, each with unique cases, will participate in this special exhibit in three categories: IoT device, platform and AI. In addition, the adjacent Atrium Stage will host presentations every day by different exhibitors on their cases.

Click here for the Atrium Stage timetable

Exhibitors of Core-, Small- and Medium-Manufacturing IoT Park

  • AISing Ltd.
  • amnimo Inc.
  • Cloud Ace
  • Glosel Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.
  • IoT.kyoto(KYOSO)
  • Business Engineering Corporation

Open Network Zone

The Open Network Zone will be set up in West Hall 2 as a one-stop destination for visitors to view the latest equipment, technological trends and services in the field of industrial networks, brought together by 11 organizations in the industry. Additionally, a special theater space will be set up within the zone, where seminars will be held every day to explain industrial networks in simple terms. Please see the timetable.

A photo of the Open Network Zone from last year

Seminar timetable (all three days)

Location: special theater space in the Open Network Zone
Does not require advanced reservation. Please feel free to drop by.
※Japanese ONLY

Time Theme
11:30~12:00 Why do we need industrial networks and what types are there?
12:30~13:00 IoT, industrial networks and a number of applications
13:30~14:00 Industrial networks for motion purposes
14:30~15:00 Wireless technology and industrial networks
15:30~16:00 New technologies for industrial networks

Exhibitors of Open Network Zone

  • AS-interface Japan
  • CC-Link Partner Association
  • FDT Group Japan
  • FieldComm Group
  • IO-Link Community Japan
  • ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
  • Japanese PROFIBUS Organization
  • ODVA
  • The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association Network Promotion Committee

College and University Technical Academy Research Presentations

The College and University Technical Academy Research Presentations have always been highly praised in previous years as an opportunity for college and university students to communicate with professionals in the industrial world. Colleges and universities across Japan participate by setting up booths and making presentations. This year, there will be a record number of 22 research teams in participation. They will give presentations on topics mainly in the fields of FA and measurement and control technologies, as well as in related areas such as IoT, AI and robots. On the final day, the most outstanding research teams will be presented with awards.

Atrium Stage Timetable

The stage in the Atrium will host presentations every day from exhibitors of the Core-, Small- and Medium-Manufacturing IoT Park, the U.S. Embassy booth, and participants in the College and University Technical Academy Research Presentations. No advanced reservations are required, so please feel free to drop by!